When we consider what makes the British garden truly great, we often either leave fencing out of the equation altogether or relegate garden fence ideas to a mere afterthought.

This is a huge mistake!

The thing is:

Whereas other landscaping features, such as sheds and log stores, are optional, fencing is an integral part of any garden. So, it deserves extra special attention.

To make sure you’re ahead of the curve, at Landscaping Superstore we’ve collated the latest garden fencing ideas.

Let’s dive right in.

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Understanding the best garden fence ideas

Large house with a tall fence

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn-out old fence that’s no longer fit for purpose or simply spruce up your existing fence, you need to figure out the main purpose your fence serves.

Sure, all fences provide privacy, security and aesthetics while marking property boundaries and containing pets or children.

But chances are:

Your specific priorities will be in a particular order based on your needs. For instance, you might want to prioritise security and privacy over aesthetics or vice versa.

In addition, some of these considerations might not even apply to you. For example, you might not have pets or children.


As you’re going to see, not every single one of the fence ideas on our list is equally suitable for every factor – though some may be combined to address several at the same time.

Provided you’ve set your priorities straight and checked the relevant regulations in your area, it’s time to crack on with the first of our exciting garden fences ideas.

Consider fence toppers

Fence toppers

Are you looking for an upgrade to your back garden fence panels or brick wall that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional?

You can’t beat a good fence topper!

Here’s the deal:

Fence toppers offer a range of valuable benefits that go beyond the basic function of a fence.

Firstly, they significantly enhance security and privacy. By extending the height of an existing fence, toppers act as an additional deterrent to unauthorised access, making it more difficult for intruders to break in. This added height can discourage climbing or jumping over the fence, providing a greater sense of security for you and your family.

What’s more:

The increased height also acts as an effective visual barrier, preventing outsiders from easily observing the interior of your property and enhancing privacy.

Secondly, fence toppers contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property. They provide an opportunity to personalise the appearance of your fence, transforming it from a utilitarian barrier into an attractive architectural feature.

With a variety of designs, materials and styles available, fence toppers allow engaged homeowners to match their fencing with the overall theme of their property. This will not only add to your property’s visual appeal but also contribute to your neighbourhood’s aesthetic cohesion. And when your neighbours are also happy, you don’t have to worry about endless petty squabbles.

Add decorative garden trellis panels

Because they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and forms, trellises are an extremely versatile solution. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing in and of themselves, but they’re also perfect for growing climber plants to complement the rest of your greenery.

So, it should come as no surprise that trellises feature heavily in many modern garden fencing ideas in the UK.

Here are the ones we like the most:

Forest Garden Heavy Duty Fan Trellis

Climbing plant support trellis

Use a trellis attached to your garden fence to support climbing plants such as roses, ivy or clematis. This not only adds a lush, vertical element to your garden that will balance the primary horizontal focus of the other features but also maximises your space by allowing plants to grow upwards.

Lattice panel trellis

If you like the idea of increasing the height of your back garden fencing but aren’t necessarily sold on fence toppers, you’re in for a treat!

Instead of toppers, why not use lattice panels? These beautiful panels can support climbing plants and also serve as a screen for added privacy.

Internal fencing trellis

If you have the luxury of a larger garden, it’s a good idea to compartmentalise it and create smaller spaces that serve different purposes. Think of them as separate rooms within your outdoor space, such as a reading room or dining room, each one deserving of a certain amount of privacy.

At the same time, you don’t solid brick walling because each ‘room’ is nevertheless part of your overall garden design.

The solution? Trellis panels!

You can easily find the right width and height trellises to fit your specific requirements.

Then, depending on exactly how much privacy you want, you can choose to grow climber plants, decorate the panels with other items (such as hanging lanterns) or simply leave them as they are for a pared-down, minimalist look.

Forest Garden Pressure Treated Decorative Europa Hamburg Garden Screen

Choose the right garden fence decorations

As we said at the very beginning, many homeowners tend to forget about fences when planning their landscaping. This is exactly why fences also get overlooked when it comes to decorations.

To make matters worse:

Many older types of fences don’t necessarily lend themselves to decorating. That’s exactly why we decided early on that our list would be incomplete without a closer look into the available decorative fencing options.

With that in mind, here are some creative garden fence decoration ideas we found particularly attractive:

Vertical garden pockets

Attach small vertical garden pockets or planters to your fence. This will allow you to grow herbs, succulents or flowers in a unique and space-saving way.

Fence with planters

Hanging planters

Still on the subject of planters, hang decorative hanging planters along the fence to showcase colourful flowers or trailing vines. Mix and match different planters for an eclectic look.

Floating shelves

Mount small floating shelves on your fence to display potted plants, lanterns or decorative items. In addition to offering extra room for storage, floating shelves will help give your garden a light, airy atmosphere.

Mirror panels

Mount small mirrors on your fence to create the illusion of space and reflect sunlight. This can add a touch of enchantment to your garden and make smaller gardens appear larger.

Outdoor art

Fence art

Hang outdoor-friendly paintings, painted wood pieces or ceramic tiles on your fence to showcase your creativity and personal style.

Want to take this to the next level?

If you have solid wooden panels or – even better – a brick wall, go ahead and paint a large mural.

Admittedly, that’s a little more time-consuming and elaborate than merely hanging a copy of a Monet or a Kandinsky. However, it’s infinitely more rewarding and impressive, making it one of the more aspirational garden wall ideas out there.

And if you don’t feel like you’re up to the task yourself, you can always consider hiring a professional.

The best part about these suggestions? They also double up as excellent fence cover ideas, allowing you to completely transform an otherwise unremarkable fence.

Chalkboard or whiteboard panels

If you like the idea of adorning your fence with your own art but would prefer cheap fencing ideas to manage your budget, this is the one for you.

Paint a section of your fence with chalkboard or whiteboard paint to create a space for doodles or garden notes. This is the perfect collaborative project to get the whole family involved. Your kids are going to love it.


If you’re wondering why we’ve left fence lights out – we haven’t. It’s just that fence lighting is about so much more than decorating.

How much more?

That’s exactly what we’re going to find out next.

Improve garden safety & aesthetics with lights

In addition to acting as a decorative item, garden fence lights play a crucial role in ensuring garden safety by illuminating distant perimeters and discouraging potential intruders. This is why they often feature in most fence privacy ideas.

As an extra bonus, well-lit corners in your garden guarantee that every landscaping element receives the attention it deserves, including the fence itself.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the current popular ideas for garden fence lights.

Millboard Enhanced Grain Composite Decking

Fence string lights

You can artfully drape or entwine string lights around your garden fence to create an atmosphere that’s both whimsical and enchanting. Available in various bulb shapes and shades, these lights can be either crisp white or vibrant and multi-coloured.

Fence solar lights

If you want to achieve that elusive blend of heightened security, visual appeal and eco-friendliness, then the perfect solution lies in solar-powered fence lights. These lights attach directly to the fence and offer an array of styles, from post cap lights to ornamental fixtures.

Uplights and well lights

Last but not least, consider uplights or well lights positioned at the fence’s base. These lights cast an upward glow, introducing mystery and depth to the texture of your fence. They can also highlight any decorations you’ve already added to your fence.

Keep it classic with a white picket fence

Blue house with a white picket fence

Nothing says a classic home in the country quite like a white picket fence, does it?

You might be wondering:

‘Hold on a minute, isn’t the white picket fence an American thing?’

Well, yes and no.

While nowadays it’s certainly seen as American as apple pie across the pond, this type of fencing (the word ‘picket’ comes from the French verb piquer, meaning ‘to pierce’) – complete with the colour white – was actually brought to North America by English colonists in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Historical background aside, this is one of the fence options best suitable to a traditional home and garden design. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy and, to a somewhat lesser extent, security, it more than makes up for these deficiencies with incomparable kerb appeal.

This, in turn, adds additional value to your property, which is worth bearing in mind if you intend to sell your home and move on at some point.

Looking for more front garden fence ideas? Check out our dedicated guide!

Go with a contemporary black fence

Black fence

If you’re after a more contemporary yet endlessly timeless look, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time looking at gardens with black fences.

As a matter of fact:

If you have a classic metal fence, chances are it’s already painted in black to begin with.

In any event, black is increasingly becoming the colour of choice for fences made from other materials as well.

Here’s why:

Pretty much all black fence ideas underline that black fences are inherently versatile, seamlessly fitting into a range of designs, from traditional to modern. The deep black hue provides a striking contrast against vibrant greenery and colourful flowers, enhancing the visual impact of your garden while adding a touch of sophistication to the landscape.

This contrast creates an exquisite backdrop that will let your plants shine, turning your garden into a living masterpiece. Additionally, a black fence serves as a natural focal point, drawing the eye and guiding the viewer’s gaze along its length, giving a sense of depth and perspective to your property.

Beyond aesthetics, black fences offer practical benefits as well. Their neutral tone complements a wide array of outdoor furniture and decor, allowing for effortless coordination with your chosen elements.

And if that wasn’t enough:

Black fences also tend to require less maintenance than lighter shades, as they are less susceptible to showing dirt and weathering.

Embrace modern fence paint colours

Painted fence

If neither black nor white is your thing, there’s no need to worry. In fact, there are plenty of other contemporary fencing colour options that can add character and style to your outdoor space.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is colour psychology and how the colour you choose for your fence will complement or contrast the colours of the nearby landscaping elements, such as flowers, garden furniture and garden buildings.

With that in mind, here are a few garden fence colour ideas for you to consider.


Grey offers a contemporary, neutral backdrop that can complement a range of architectural styles. Lighter shades of grey can create an airy and open feel, while darker ones add a touch of sophistication and contrast.

Olive or slate green

These muted green tones offer a natural and calming ambience. They can blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, creating a serene and inviting outdoor environment.

Slate or steel blue

These cool and contemporary shades can add a touch of modernity to your fence. They work well with minimalist or industrial-style landscapes.

Deep burgundy or redwood

These rich, deep hues can provide a welcoming touch of warmth and elegance. They also add a sense of luxury and can create a stunning contrast with greenery.

What colour fence paint makes a garden look bigger?

Forest Gardens fence post with fence panels

Generally speaking, lighter colours tend to create a sense of spaciousness and can make a small garden look bigger than it actually is. When it comes to fence paint, opting for light or neutral shades can help achieve this effect.

So, if you’re looking for small garden fence ideas, this one is definitely right for you.

Here are some of our favourite shades:

  • Classic white
  • Light pink
  • Pale yellow
  • Baby blue
  • Soft green
  • Tan

Once you’ve settled on your favourite colour, make sure you head over to our guide on How to paint a fence for a step-by-step overview of the process and a few extra tips.  

Go green with hedging

House with hedges

You might be wondering:

What can I have instead of a fence?

The quick answer is that hedges are the perfect alternative to traditional fencing.

Here’s the thing:

Hedges present a natural and timeless aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the environment, providing an organic boundary that complements your landscape perfectly. With different options available, you can tailor the hedge’s appearance to match your desired colour palette, texture and height.

Like trellises, you can also use hedging to compartmentalise a larger garden, creating smaller, designated areas. This makes the substitution of traditional fencing with hedges yet another one of the more versatile garden fence ideas on our list.

The result is a living masterpiece that evolves with the seasons, offering dynamic visual interest and seasonal blooms. Hedges act as a living screen, offering privacy and tranquillity by obstructing views from the outside. The dense foliage also functions as a sound barrier, reducing noise pollution and creating a serene atmosphere.

And then there are the environmental benefits:

Hedges contribute to a healthier ecosystem by providing habitat and sustenance for various wildlife, fostering biodiversity and contributing to the balance of nature in your garden.

Additionally, hedges offer sustainability benefits by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, making them a greener choice than traditional fences.

What is the best fence for privacy and low maintenance?

Contemporary black garden fence

Vinyl and composite fences both offer long lifespans, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Depending on the design, they can also offer plenty of privacy.

Vinyl fences come in solid panels with no gaps, offering excellent privacy. Because vinyl is highly durable and resistant to weathering, fading and rot, it doesn’t require painting, staining or sealing. Occasional cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to keep it looking fresh.

Typically made from wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite fences can be designed for privacy as required. Like vinyl fencing, composite fencing is resistant to rot, insects and weathering.

Likewise, it doesn’t need staining or sealing. Cleaning with mild soap and water is usually enough to maintain its appearance.

Key takeaway:

While the initial cost of vinyl and composite fencing might be higher compared to wood or other materials, the long-term savings in maintenance and replacement costs can make them more cost-effective modern fencing choices over time.

What is the most affordable fence to install?

Even as we’re all forced to cut corners due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, going too cheap will compromise the fencing ideas for your garden and probably cost more in the long run.

The thing is:

Cheap fencing is often suspiciously cheap for a reason – it’s poor quality. The maintenance and, ultimately, replacement costs will be much higher.

When it comes to the different types of fencing, wire mesh or chicken wire fences are probably the cheapest to buy and install overall. These simple, utilitarian options will provide a degree of boundary and protection for your garden without breaking the bank.

However, they offer very little in terms of privacy, security or aesthetics. So, unless you’re planning or keeping hens, they’re probably not your best bet – which is why we didn’t include them in our selection of garden fence ideas.

With most other fencing types, you can take care of the installation by yourself, so long as you’re a keen DIYer with a can-do attitude and a bit of time on your hands.

Want to find out more? Head over to our guide on How to put up a fence.

Forest Garden tongue-and-groove fence pannels

Making the most of the best garden fencing ideas

The humble fence plays a huge if somewhat unappreciated role in all modern garden fencing designs.

And if you’ve made it this far, you have a pretty good idea why that’s the case:

The perfect garden fence needs to be a seamless blend of security, privacy, functionality and style – not an easy thing to achieve by any means.

The good news is:

Now you also have a pretty good idea of the ins and outs of the latest garden fence ideas and how to mix and match some of them to suit your priorities and preferences.

So, you’re well prepared to take on the task of replacing your old fence with a much better option or giving it a much-needed makeover.

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