A small garden exterior shouldn’t stop you from creating a beautiful outdoor space. Trust us when we say maximising the use of your garden space without compromising that area for easy movement is possible. In fact, we’ve got some garden furniture ideas for small gardens. From social butterflies who want to create an area for events to individuals who love to cosy up and read a good book for an afternoon, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you have the ideal location.

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How do you find the best space-saving garden furniture?

Sometimes it’s as easy as seeing something small and saying, “Yes, this works for me.” However, you don’t have to opt for furniture just because it is small. There are ways to make a beautiful garden without limiting your choices. How so? Well, here’s how.

Rowlinson Havana Bistro Set - Black

Store with ease using folding garden furniture

That’s right! You don’t have to limit yourself to furniture that is a standard rigid format. By opting for a folding garden table and chairs, you can always have a space available to sit down and relax. Whether that may be with a book, a cold drink or even a chat with friends and family.

When that furniture isn’t in use, simply pack it down and voila! Your small space is now a versatile al fresco haven!

Keep things simple with space-saving garden furniture

You may be thinking, “Isn’t all small furniture space-saving?” Well, yes, but we’re talking about more than foldable chairs or small garden furniture sets. For example, did you know there are garden furniture sets where the seating can be tucked neatly under the table? Cube set furniture is one of these primary examples. It might sound odd, but not all garden furniture is tuckable, and those that can be tucked in are ideal if you’re tight on space or have an awkward-shaped outdoor area. Instead, you can effortlessly tuck the seating beneath the table, so they free up space and are available for any occasion.

Relax with beautiful bench garden furniture

The trusty bench is a great way to add seating to your outdoor space. It’s compact, so you’ll be able to place it in the garden with ease and still enjoy sitting there for a drink with friends and family or by yourself to bask in the sun and experience nature on a summer’s day.

If you need a surface to place items on, and you have the room, you could put a small garden table or coffee table in front or next to the bench. Foldable garden tables are also a handy option for small garden furniture ideas.

Rowlinson Willington 3 Seater Hardwood Bench

Get fancy with balcony garden furniture

For anyone living entirely without a garden but perhaps enjoying a balcony space instead, we didn’t forget about you! Don’t think you’re limited when it comes to balconies. You could go bistro with a small garden table and chairs for that classic European or holiday feeling. Picture it: you’ve made your drink, maybe grabbed a small snack or made dinner, and now you can sit on your balcony for fresh air and a fantastic view. Better yet, if friends or family are around, you can have a pleasant chat in the sun on those cosy summer days.

Rowlinson Havana Bistro Set - Green

Time to go high with tall garden furniture

If your garden is on the narrower side, tall garden furnishings are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger garden area. Like balconies, you can opt for a bar-style bistro set. It’s tall with raised seats and a great way to enhance that holiday feeling without parting from your home space.

Modernise with curved garden furniture

Why not look past the more traditional garden furniture ideas and instead, go for something chic with a modern twist? Think curvy garden furniture! An example is a round table with curved benches or seating that fits neatly around it when not in use, similar to the cube furniture. As it’s not a rigid, straight line or box structure, it can be better for minimising the use of a space and can sometimes be easier to move.

Choosing the right shape of furniture is one of the key aspects for anyone with a small garden; it’s about maximising what you have so you don’t have to compromise on style and looks.

You’ve got the main furnishings – time to decorate!

Decorative garden accessories make all the difference. You could add garden cushions for added comfort, garden ornaments for visual appeal and even a patio heater to keep things warm and cosy in colder temperatures.

Are you the gardening type? Opt for some plant pots and add your favourite flowers to create that ever-beautiful scenery for even the rainiest days.

Don’t forget garden furniture covers! These can help protect your furnishings from adverse weather conditions.

Rowlinson Rectangular Furniture Cover

Alternatively, if you have a garden with ample space, check out our other garden furniture ideas for some inspiration when creating the ideal garden. You never know, you might even find some ideas that you never thought were possible.

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