The sun is shining, and your garden is pristine, but something is missing. That’s it – garden furniture! No garden is complete without these essential finishing touches to add to your space. Whether it’s for social events or personal private relaxation time, there are plenty of ideas for garden furniture.

In this guide, we’ll explore the questions about what garden furniture you should buy, the fascination surrounding rattan furniture and plenty more. We’ll even suggest some ways you can improve the quality of your garden through cheap or eco-friendly means if you’re fond of these areas.

Whatever your reasoning, we’ll show you the options available to ensure you have a unique range of ideas to explore before buying your favourite furnishings and creating the garden space you always envisaged. We also have a guide dedicated to small garden furniture ideas if your garden can’t incorporate the designs here. There, we’ll explain how to maximise the space even in small outdoor areas.

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Furniture ideas for a garden room

If you’re pondering how to create a room outdoors that doesn’t rely on enclosing a space in four walls, you’ll be glad to know there are methods to achieve this without resorting to a conservatory installation. Without further ado, here are some garden room furniture ideas.

Use soft furnishings

What do we mean by soft furnishings? Well, look to your everyday comforting features. These may be things like:

  • Garden sofas
  • Garden rugs
  • Garden cushions

Notice anything familiar about these? Correct! Many of these items can serve as indoor furnishings but are modified to suit outdoor settings. The L-shaped sofa, in particular, is a firm favourite for many homeowners and is highly recommended to give you the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Get decorative!

We’ve mentioned comfort, but what about decoration? Sure, you could consider the rugs and cushions as decorative, but think about the practical side too. For example:

  • Coffee table sets
  • Garden ornaments
  • Gazebos
  • Garden tables

Do you want to spend time outdoors in winter? Consider a patio heater to create that cosy warm atmosphere in the chilly temperatures.

Furniture ideas for outdoor dining

There’s nothing quite like dining al fresco on a sunny day or sitting at a table with a parasol right by the beach enjoying an ice cream. Replicating that ambience in your home might appear challenging, but with the right furnishings, you can successfully recreate a similar atmosphere.

Garden tables and chairs are a must!

On the practical side of things, it just makes sense to add tables and chairs to your outdoor space.

This can come in a variety of designs to suit your tastes and other project needs. When thinking of tables and chairs, all of the below come to mind:

Whether you want some casual seating, such as a garden bench, for lazing on a sunny afternoon, or you have your sights set on a garden furniture set so that you can host friends for an outdoor dinner party, it’s important to consider the options.

Get some features for food and drink

If you’re dining outdoors, you’re, of course, going to need food and drink. While you may opt to use indoor appliances like your oven or microwave, you can enhance the experience with interesting outdoor cooking options instead:

Gaining in popularity in recent times, the fire pit choice is a real winner because it doubles as a heating source. Pretty neat, huh? You get to enjoy good food and stay out later too, thanks to the warmth from the fire.

Garden bars and pizza ovens create a decadent space for anyone who loves to host. They’re fantastic for creating a certain theme in your garden too. What doesn’t scream Med-chic more than a pizza oven, or an outdoor bar stocked up with your favourite cocktail ingredients?

Keep things warm with outdoor heating

In the UK, the winters feel like they last forever, so when the warmer months come around who doesn’t want to spend as much time outside as possible? Luckily, there are outdoor heating solutions to keep that warm and cosy feeling, even when the temperatures drop. We already know the fire pit is just one of those options, but you can also look to:

  • Chimineas
  • Patio heaters

Chimineas are your classic heating appliance, while patio heaters are more modern. With that said, each of these has modern designs available if you want something that looks more up-to-date.

Furniture ideas for a beach house look

The feeling of warm sand under your feet, gazing out at the sea and drinking a cold beverage or eating a freshly whipped ice cream. Can that feeling be replicated at home? Well, let’s take a look!

Make sure the setting is comfortable

Chairs and tables are a given, but what else is there? We’re glad you asked because there are quite a few things you can choose to enhance the experience:

  • Sun loungers
  • Garden furniture covers
  • Garden cushions
  • Parasols and umbrellas

Sun loungers are a familiar feature of many holiday properties. So, if you love soaking up the sun while resting beside pools in those settings, you’ll love being able to do that in the comfort of your home. You might consider placing a small garden table between the loungers, offering a convenient spot to place beverages and snacks while you unwind.

Two of the most common materials you’ll find for outdoor furniture are rattan and wood, thanks to their durability and aesthetics, so keep an eye out for these when viewing different garden furniture sets.

Rowlinson Prestbury Twin Sun Lounger - Natural Stone

Enhance the experience with water

For the more luxurious beach houses, you may well find a hot tub or water feature on the grounds. Why not bring that slice of aquatic pleasure to your own space too? A hot tub can be used all year round and is a superb way to unwind. While a water feature brings a welcome air of tranquillity. You can browse our range right here:

Furniture ideas for a wildlife garden

If you love spending time in the garden to watch nature live its life, this is a perfect opportunity to create a space where many unique types of wildlife can enjoy your garden space. So, how can you enhance this in your space? Let’s see…

Add many (many!) plants

Adding plants to your garden is one of the easiest ways to encourage wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies, and other captivating insects. With that in mind, you need somewhere to put those plants. Speaking of which, we have some great solutions like:

  • Plant pots
  • Garden planters
  • Trellis panels
  • Sleepers

Forest Garden Heavy Duty Trellis 6ft x 6ft (1.83m x 1.83m) 3

Give new animal guests a reason to revisit

Insects won’t be the only visitors enticed by your garden; you might also see birds and, depending on your location, even hedgehogs or similar creatures could pay a visit. So, if you want to encourage more of these experiences, opt for the following to create a wildlife-friendly garden:

  • Bird baths
  • Bird feeders

If you really want to get fancy with your wildlife, we have a guide to building a pond. Who knows? It might become a popular spot for frogs and other pond-based wildlife such as water striders (aka pond skaters). It also gives you a place for pet fish, of course (provided the space is large enough). A pond can be a fantastic addition to your garden and can often be used as a centrepiece to build out your garden design.

Furniture ideas for minimalist gardens

Sometimes less is more and you can indeed create a beautiful setting with a few pieces of garden furniture.

Go bistro!

Intimate, space-saving and just right for the minimalist lover or tiny garden owner. Creating a quiet setting that offers space to relax and chill at any time of the day can be just what the doctor ordered. With these furniture ideas you’ll have your own peak bistro setting in no time:

  • Bistro sets
  • Coffee table sets
  • Garden cushions
  • Garden furniture covers

Whether it’s a casual social gathering or enjoying a glass of wine alone on a sunny day, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant experience and enjoy a space that has been completely transformed without having to overhaul your existing space.

Grab an egg-cellent and comfortable egg chair

This chair is perfect for those who love small, cosy spaces. It provides that contained feeling like you’re all wrapped up in a tight space. Here are some ways you could accessorise your egg chair:

  • Garden cushions
  • Garden furniture covers

Add a blanket to this and you can ideally read a book or sit outside and enjoy nature without compromising space in the garden.

Keep things simple with flexible furnishings

If you prefer your furniture to be neatly put away or your garden is too small to keep furniture out regularly, consider foldable or stackable garden furniture. It can help free up space during private events or help free the area for garden maintenance. Examples of these furnishings are as follows:

  • Folding sun loungers
  • Stackable garden chairs

Adding garden cushions or garden furniture covers can make the space feel less stiff when you take out the furniture. You could even add a garden rug to make it feel cosier.

Types of garden furniture

You’ve got ideas, maybe even ones not already mentioned, so now it’s time to explore what type of furniture you could have. Let’s go!

Rattan garden furniture

Here’s what we know about rattan garden furniture.


Typically weather-resistant and made using a blend of synthetic materials and rattan plants but can also be exclusively manufactured of either.


Can be cleaned using a sponge, damp cloth or rose. A cover is recommended to prevent exposure to weather when not in use. In cold temperatures and months, place the furniture in a sheltered space and do not leave it outside if possible.

Suitable for:

Gardens, decking, patios and conservatory spaces.

Rowlinson Alderley Rattan Effect Weave Outdoor Storage Bench - Natural

Wooden garden furniture

Here’s what we know about wooden garden furniture.


Durable and natural appearance and does not retain heat, meaning it’s not too hot in sunny weather.


Long lasting but requires treatment (yearly at minimum) with oil or stain to prevent adverse weather effects. For hardwood, scrub with warm, soapy water. For wood with a wax finish, you should clean it with a soft, dry cloth.

Suitable for:

Gardens and patios.

Rowlinson Willington Companion Seat with Upper & Lower Centre Tables chair

Metal garden furniture


Durable and hard-wearing with most designs, including rust-resistant, but can be heavier than alternatives.


Must be covered and stored away in colder temperatures (winter especially). Clean with warm soapy water or a pressure washer on a low setting.

Suitable for:

Patios and decking.

Rowlinson Havana Bistro Set - Black chair

Plastic garden furniture


Commonly lightweight and a low-cost choice with stackable chairs for easy storage; also comes with weather resistance.


Store during the summer and in hot temperatures to avoid warping. Clean with soapy water or a pressure washer on a low setting.

Suitable for:

Gardens, decking and patios.

Common questions about garden furniture

With all these options available to you, what is the best garden furniture to buy? Well, that’s really up to you. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you finalise your choices.

What type of garden furniture lasts the longest?

The consensus is that hardwood and metal (particularly aluminium or wrought iron) are the preferred materials for longevity. You must maintain the furniture properly regardless of the material you choose. With that said, if your goal is minimal upkeep, consider choosing the materials mentioned previously.

What is the best weatherproof garden furniture?

If you wonder why rattan garden furniture is so popular, this is why. However, real rattan is not suitable for leaving out all year round. Instead, you’ll want to opt for something like wood and metal.

If you really want the rattan style, opt for rattan effect garden furniture (i.e. synthetic). This option can offer greater durability, compared to natural rattan, while enabling you to have the desired furnishings.

Why is garden furniture so expensive?

It’s the age-old reasoning of materials used, though there are cheaper alternatives in today’s market. If your focus is at the higher end of the spectrum at materials like hardwood or metal, these will be less cost-effective. However, that is not true for all hardwood and metal garden furniture. Explore our range to discover the varying prices and find the perfect set that meets your budget requirements.

When to put garden furniture out

The most suitable time is when temperatures aren’t freezing. So, spring or summer time when you’re more likely to have sunny weather. After all, outdoor furniture is exposed constantly to the elements, so it’s necessary for proper care throughout the year.

For rattan furniture, you should only take it out when temperatures rise above freezing, as frost can damage the rattan garden furniture. It’s also wise to put it away to prevent unwanted animals from damaging or excreting on the surface.

When looking at metal furniture, aluminium is considered a favourite amongst those who like to leave furnishings out in the winter. Don’t forget decorations like cushions and rugs either – these must be protected, too.

Whatever furniture you have, your safest bet is to grab garden furniture covers to protect all your outdoor chairs, tables and decorations. If you want to ensure their protection, cover them and store them suitably in a shed or other storage space until the time comes to bring them out again.

As for where to buy garden furniture, look no further than Landscaping Superstore. We’ve got plenty of furnishings for you to choose from to create an outdoor space you can take pride in.

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