Bark & Mulch

Our range of bark and mulch effortlessly keeps plant roots safe and protected against harm as the seasons change. It's also fantastic for tackling pesky weeds and ensuring moisture retention. 

Enjoy the many benefits of mulch in a variety of applications, including flower borders, shrubs and garden trees, and it effectively suppresses weed growth and soil erosion. As mulch decomposes, it enriches the soil with valuable organic matter, allowing your plants to grow.

Optimising pathways, beds and borders, our collection of bark is durable and easy to apply. Not only will it effectively limit weed growth and boost moisture retention in the summer, but it also makes for seamless garden maintenance year-round.

With a range of pack sizes to suit your needs, PRO-GROW’s wide supply of bark and mulch is ideal for all your applications, enhancing plant growth and providing pleasing natural appearances. Explore our range today and get started on your gardening journey!

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