Weeds! Pesky plant parasites that crawl into our beautifully maintained gardens. So, how do you get rid of them? A weed control fabric, of course. There is a wide choice of weed control products available on the market, making it difficult to select the best one.

To help you choose the right one for your needs, we have dived into the range of products available to find which weed control fabric is best for your garden or landscaping project. For this guide, we have focused on the leading DuPont Plantex range. However, there are many other choices available.

With that in mind, let’s get into the info!

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The benefits of the DuPont Plantex range

DuPont has produced a wide array of chemical-free and ecological landscaping solutions for the past 30 years. This has been beneficial for both the professional market and homeowners for the past 30 years.

The innovative DuPont Plantex range of landscaping solutions offers a range of benefits including, but not limited to:

Benefits of DuPont Plantex

In other words, this solution won’t affect the creatures which live in the ground thanks to the chemical-free solution’s water-permeable surfaces.

There is also good news about durability, as the product is designed to do the job effectively for the entire time it is installed.


Weed control fabric and its applications

There are four key products in the DuPont Plantex range available here at Landscaping Superstore. Your choice will depend on the intended application.

A pile of gravel on a fabric membrane next to a green plant.

Which weed control fabric is suitable for standard applications?

DuPont Plantex Premium is the most popular ‘standard’ choice for a weed control membrane. It is permeable to water and air. Plus features a 20-year product guarantee.

A red flower on a geotextile membrane with mulch.

Which weed control fabric is suitable for sloped embankments and driveways?

DuPont Plantex Gold comes with a solid 25-year guarantee, and it can withstand UV exposure for up to five years. Unlike other options that might only last a season if left uncovered or poorly protected, Gold is your reliable choice. It works wonders on sloped embankments and driveways, particularly where traditional mulch or other coverings struggle to stay put. For driveways specifically, you might also want to consider Apollo Premium – another top-notch option.


Which weed control fabric is suitable for brand new planting areas, such as new build sites?

The DuPont Plantex Gold has this cool natural touch with coconut fibres woven into it. It’s not just about functionality; it’s easy on the eyes, especially for new constructions and fresh plantings. The fibres start off brown but get a cool grey vibe between years one and two, thanks to some sun exposure magic. These fibres keep doing their job – controlling things – for about three to five years. That’s the sweet spot for your shrubs to settle in, grow, and start throwing some shade to keep those pesky weeds at bay. And when that time’s up, the coco fibres do a disappearing act, mulching back into the ground. Nature’s cleanup crew at its finest!

Which weed control fabric is suitable for stopping aggressive roots from growing into a garden, road or pathway?

The DuPont Plantex Root Barrier isn’t your typical weed control – it’s like the superhero of keeping roots in check! Stick it in the ground vertically, and voila! No more aggressive roots like bamboo causing chaos in your garden or messing with the roads and pathways. You can even create a circle of protection around your plants with this barrier.

Bonus points: If you’re dealing with slopes and embankments, check out Cocomat and Gold options. They bring the UV stability game, making sure you’re tackling weeds with an eco-friendly vibe. Forget about harsh chemicals – these barriers have your back on those tricky sloped surfaces!


Now you know about top-quality weed control fabrics, head on over to our range to look for the right weed membrane for your project.

Need more advice about weed control? Perhaps you need to check out the different landscaping fabrics in our buyer’s guide or learn about geotextiles. Head on over to our range of advice for more information.

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