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“How do you use a gravel grid?”

Now, if this is a question on your mind, we’ll help you out. This guide will focus on how to install the EcoGrid E40 Ground Reinforcement System, a system highly recommended by groundworkers.

With that said, other solutions are available too, such as the ACO GroundGuard and Gravelgrid Reinforcement Grids. These can be installed similarly.

Without further ado, onto the steps for installing a gravel grid!

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How to install a gravel grid

A driveway gravel grid, really any gravel grid installation, can be of great benefit to a landscape. It can also be practical, too, by creating a level surface to walk and drive on when needed.

So, how do create a gravel grid system?

Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to lay gravel grids.

Step one: Preparing the ground

Before diving into the installation process, it’s crucial to prepare the ground properly. Dig out the designated area, ensuring it’s not too soft for the gravel grid to fit into. Each pack typically covers 10m².

young green wheat and plowed field landscape autumn season

Step two: Laying the geotextile membrane

Once the ground is ready, lay down a geotextile membrane. This layer prevents flooding and provides added stability to the grid.

Step three: Placing and pinning the gravel grid

Unroll the gravel grid and anchor one end into the ground. Slowly stretch the grid to the opposite end, securing it in place with pins.

Gravel Grid on Ground 500

Step four: Filling the gaps

Fill each end of the grid with angular, crushed gravel to ensure stability. Use a timber board to maintain constant contact with the ground and avoid any lifting of the cells.

Gravel Grid with Stones

Step five: Finishing touches

Add a top layer of material, especially in high-traffic areas like car parks. This could be a roll of grass, providing both aesthetic appeal and additional support. If using a different material for the top layer, fill the cells to capacity and allow room for movement.

Landscaping combinations of grass, plant and stones

Can you lay gravel grids on soil?

When it comes to achieving the best performance with your gravel grid, consider using a membrane to prevent flooding and set up a sturdy foundation for your gravel grid.

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No matter whether you’re inclined toward a plastic gravel grid or other materials, we have your needs covered.

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If you’re not planning to use a grid but are interested in creating a gravel path, take a look at our comprehensive guide to laying a gravel path. Additionally, explore the advantages of incorporating gravel grids into your landscaping and get insights on constructing a gravel driveway by referring to our other valuable resources in our Help and Advice section.

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