You may be familiar with its original timber decking and composite decking counterparts but aluminium decking is a real winner for the modern decking system. It has many unique benefits and is one of the most durable and long-lasting products on the market.

Now if you’ve been considering installing a new aluminium deck for your garden, you’ll want to explore our buyer’s guide to find out more. We’ll go over its features, average lifespan, cost and more.

If you want to know more about decking in general, head over to our decking buyer’s guide before you read on.

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Is aluminium good for a deck?

Aluminium is absolutely worth its use in decking. To find out why, we need to assess its pros. Trust us when we say it goes way beyond durability.

So, what makes aluminium decking so popular?

Pro: It’s very durable

Let’s start with possibly the more well-known feature of aluminium – incredible durability! Not only is it strong material, but aluminium is inherently strong and corrosion-resistant. This is great because if you have decking exposed to areas with high moisture or salt exposure, it’s less likely to be affected and last longer.

Pro: Lightweight for easy transportation and handling

Not only tough but easy material to work with, too! Great if you’re a fan of items that are easy to transport, as it means you can save costs when moving the material.

Pro: Plenty of versatility

Domestic and commercial project workers will love how versatile aluminium decking is. It’s easy to merge into simple or complex plans, thus leaving you with a beautiful deck regardless of its purpose.

Pro: Non-combustible material

Fire regulations are vital, especially in areas like balconies and terraces. Luckily, aluminium decking is the perfect solution for this. It covers the fire regulations and doesn’t prevent you from having a beautiful aluminium deck to enjoy.

Pro: Fixings are now hidable

Many newer decking materials now enable you to hide the fixings from your view; aluminium decking is no exception. This means instead of having the odd bits and bobs like screws sticking out of the deck, you can create a smoother surface to admire and walk across.

Pro: Aluminium can be recycled

Aluminium is one of the only materials that is recycled repeatedly. Just think about aluminium cans used for fizzy drinks, energy drinks, water etc. They’re just one small part of a bigger picture. That’s why aluminium decking is great if you love an eco-friendly solution.

Alllur is just one example of an aluminium deck manufacturer that creates decking with recycling capabilities in mind. Go ahead and check them out!

You can learn more facts about aluminium at Recycle Now.

Are there any cons to aluminium decking?

There are very few cons to aluminium decks. One obvious fact is that aluminium decking can cost more when initially purchased. However, the durability and longevity of the material make up for the cost at the beginning.

In some cases, design choices are also limited. With that said, despite the limitations of surface design, some manufacturers offer aluminium decking in different colours.

Another common issue some have is the presence of noise. This becomes more apparent when multiple people walk across the surface or when heavy rainfall hits. Some people have stated this makes it feel like it isn’t up to the challenge. Now, luckily for us, many manufacturers create aluminium decking boards with noise-reducing features. So, you don’t have to be concerned about a loud ‘tinny’ noise as you cross the deck’s surface.

Myth: Aluminium gets very hot

Aluminium is rumoured to get extremely hot in warmer temperatures, but this is not the case. If you too have been concerned about this issue, here are reasons as to why it doesn’t.

First of all, aluminium is a great heat conductor. It can even adjust to different temperatures, meaning it will disperse heat evenly and not in one area of the decking as initially thought.

Secondly, aluminium decking is a hollow decking board. What this means is it can help disperse heat much faster. Not only that, but it also improves the durability of the board. Not bad for metal, huh? Especially when you learn solid timber decking is more likely to heat up quickly and take longer to cool down.

Whatever decking you choose, ventilation beneath it will be a primary factor that affects how hot or cold your deck will be in different weather. So, ensure there is enough airflow underneath your decking for optimum heat dispersion.

How long does aluminium decking last?

The average lifespan of aluminium decking is 30 years, though some last as long as 40 or even 60 years with good maintenance.

Warranties typically only cover 30 years. So, speak with your manufacturer to learn what cover you have for your purchase.

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How much is aluminium decking?

The cost of aluminium decking in the UK can vary. Typical prices are as low as £30 per m2 or as high as £150 per m2.

These are common factors as to why aluminium decking prices vary:

  • The sources from which the manufacturer obtained their materials can vary.
  • The quality of the materials used and the products alongside them.
  • Placement of the decking because of the amount of labour needed.

For example, if you install decking on a standard surface like in a garden, you’re more likely to need decking boards only. If so, you’ll end up at the lower end of the price range.

Now, if you decide to put aluminium decking on a waterproofed substrate or metal frame balcony, this will usually need a substructure. The substructure is the support that will ensure the decking sits in place. As it’s considered an additional feature required for the final fitting, you will find yourself at the higher end of the price range.

Whichever you need, discuss your requirements with a professional tradesperson as thoroughly as possible. Some things won’t be able to change, but you can opt for a balcony’s design, finish and the supplier you want to provide it to you.

What else should I know about aluminium decking?

A common question in everyone’s mind is, does aluminium decking scratch easily? We’ve dedicated a guide to this exact question, explaining the importance of powder coating and more to ensure you know how to maintain your new decking.

In fact, if you already have your decking installed, find out how to keep it looking great for longer by checking out how to clean decking, complete with step-by-step guidance.

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