While we all love a big garden, lots of us have only a small back or front garden to work with.

The burning question is:

How can I make my small garden more interesting?

And even more pressingly:

How can I make my garden beautiful in a small place?

Good news – there’s plenty you can do to make the most of even the tiniest of gardens!

At Landscaping Superstore, we decided to take a deep dive into the latest small garden design ideas and small front garden design ideas, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!

From minor tweaks to wholesale makeovers, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s what we’re going to cover.

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How do you design a small garden layout?

Designing a small garden layout involves careful consideration of the available space, the desired aesthetic and the functional aspects of the garden. It should come as no surprise that all beautiful small gardens have these things in common, however diverse their designs might be.

Here’s the gist:

Start by assessing the site’s sunlight exposure, soil quality and any existing structures or features as part of your ideas for small gardens. Establish a focal point, such as a centrepiece plant or a decorative element, to create visual interest. Utilise vertical space with trellises or hanging planters to maximise planting opportunities.

Small front garden ideas


Small garden ideas suggest you plan pathways and define different areas for specific purposes, such as seating or a small vegetable patch. Choose a cohesive colour palette and select plants of varying heights and textures to create depth and a sense of abundance. Keep maintenance in mind by selecting low-maintenance plants and incorporating hardscape elements like gravel or stepping stones.

Key takeaway:

A well-designed small garden balances aesthetics with functionality, creating an inviting and harmonious outdoor space.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the most exciting small garden design ideas in the UK right now!

Use height

Thinking vertically is a key aspect of modern small garden design. To optimise space, focus on vertical elements like tiered planters, raised beds and vertically stacked containers. Arrange plants and vegetables with varying heights, placing taller ones towards the back and shorter ones in the front to create a layered effect.


Incorporate hanging baskets or wall-mounted planters to introduce greenery at eye level and above, drawing attention upward. It’s best to opt for compact, upright varieties of plants and shrubs.

Natural Outdoor Polyrattan Lined Basket

You should also consider incorporating vertical structures like arbours or pergolas for climbing plants. This strategic use of height not only adds visual interest but also maximises the available planting area, allowing for a diverse and lush garden without sacrificing valuable ground space.

Fit a trellis

Trellises are another one of those great tiny garden ideas that prioritise height. So, install trellises along walls to support climbing plants, allowing them to grow upwards and fill the vertical space. This not only adds a lush and visually appealing element but also maximises the surface area available for planting.

Most small garden planting ideas recommend that you choose compact and vining plants that thrive in vertical arrangements, such as tomatoes, beans or climbing flowers. By incorporating trellises, you not only introduce greenery at different heights but also create a functional and space-efficient garden that takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

But wait – there’s more!

Trellises are also perfect for compartmentalising your garden, making them one of the most versatile garden ideas for small spaces on our list.

Build a green roof

Constructing a green roof is a brilliant strategy for optimising a small garden space. By transforming the roof into a living, planted surface, you not only add an eco-friendly element to your property but also maximise the use of vertical space.

Here’s the thing:

Green roofs supply insulation, reduce energy costs and absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and promoting sustainability as a cornerstone of garden design for small gardens. They act as a natural insulator, regulating temperature and creating a microclimate that helps both the interior of your home and the garden below.

Green Roofing Sedum Blanket Full System

What’s more:

A green roof offers an additional layer of vegetation, diversifying plant life and enhancing biodiversity. This innovative approach to small garden designs not only contributes to environmental conservation but also serves as a beautiful and space-efficient extension of your garden.

In turn, this allows for the cultivation of various plant species while simultaneously adding a unique aesthetic dimension to your property.

What’s not to love?

Make the most of lighting

When landscaping a small garden, lighting can make or break your endeavours. To maximise its impact, carefully consider both functional and aesthetic aspects.

Place outdoor lights strategically to illuminate key areas such as pathways, seating areas and focal points. Choose fixtures with varying intensities and types, such as soft ambient lighting for a cosy atmosphere and brighter task lighting for functional spaces.

Outdoor lights


Utilise solar-powered or energy-efficient LED lights as part of your easy garden design to minimise environmental impact and reduce energy costs. Incorporate uplights to highlight architectural features or tall plants, creating visual interest and adding depth to the garden.

Additionally, consider string lights or fairy lights to drape over plants, fences and trellises for a magical and whimsical ambience. That’s definitely one of the best very small garden ideas on a budget you’re likely to come across.

Key takeaway:

By carefully planning and layering different types of lighting, you can enhance the perceived size of the garden, extend its usability into the evening, and create a charming and inviting outdoor space even where space is at a premium.

We have more garden lighting ideas in our comprehensive guide.

Small front garden ideas

Your front garden plays a key role in your property’s kerb appeal and overall value. So, it’s absolutely crucial to buck up your small front garden ideas.

Luckily, we have plenty of small garden inspo for you in that regard!

Jazz up the front gate

LPD 4 Panel Unfinished Redwood External 600 Gate

Sprucing up your front gate is a fantastic way to enhance the overall appeal of a small front garden. Your gate design should complement the style of your home and garden; this could range from a charming wooden gate to a sleek metal one.

Front garden design ideas for the UK also recommend adding a fresh coat of paint in a colour that works well with the exterior palette, as this would effortlessly revitalise the entrance to your home.

But don’t stop there:

Instead, incorporate decorative elements such as potted plants, hanging baskets or a small vertical garden on or around the gate to infuse greenery and create a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, add outdoor lighting fixtures on either side of the gate to enhance visibility and contribute to a warm ambience during the evening.

By paying attention to these details, small modern garden ideas will help you not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the entrance but also establish a well-designed and inviting focal point that significantly benefits your property, making it more visually engaging and enjoyable for both your family and your guests alike.

Create a unique paving pattern

If you’re looking for small garden paving ideas, this one’s for you!

Here’s the scoop:

Crafting a distinctive paving pattern can be a brilliant strategy to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a small front garden. Creative and unique layouts such as herringbone, basket weave or a mosaic design will add visual interest and break up the monotony of a small space.

Consider using a combination of materials, such as different coloured stones or pavers, to create texture and define separate areas within the garden. The paving pattern serves not only as a functional surface but also as a design element that can visually expand the perceived space, giving the illusion of a larger and more thoughtfully designed front garden.

This approach adds character to the entrance, making it a memorable and charming aspect of your home while maximising the impact of the limited space available.

Need help choosing the right paving pattern for your garden? Check out our handy guide!

Incorporate raised decking


Integrating raised decking is one of the more versatile small garden ideas for the UK on our list, as it adds both functionality and visual appeal. Elevating a part of the garden with a well-designed deck not only creates an added usable space but also adds depth and elegance to the overall layout.


Opt for a stylish and durable decking material that complements your exterior design. Built-in seating or storage benches along the edges of the deck will enable you to maximise utility without sacrificing space.

This elevated platform can serve as a cosy outdoor seating area, a container garden space or even a display area for potted plants, effectively making the most of vertical space and transforming your small front garden into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing extension of your living space.

Combine a low picket fence with hedges

Small garden design ideas

Blending a low picket fence with hedges is a charming and practical approach to enhance any small front garden, small square garden ideas tell us. The low picket fence serves as a subtle boundary, delineating the garden space while maintaining a welcoming and open feel.

Think about it:

A white or light-coloured picket fence is guaranteed to create a classic and timeless look. And you can take it to the next level by interspersing the fence with carefully trimmed hedges, which not only add greenery and privacy but also soften the structure and introduce texture.

What’s more:

This is one of those small garden landscaping ideas that not only imparts a sense of enclosure but also contributes to the illusion of a larger space by creating layers. The picket fence and hedges work together harmoniously to frame the front garden, adding a touch of elegance and creating a well-defined yet inviting entrance that boosts the appeal of the limited space.

Looking for more front garden fencing ideas? Head over to our dedicated guide!

Which brings us nicely to…

Making the most of the latest small garden design ideas

Western Red Cedar Wood Roof Shingles Red Label

To make the most of the eye-catching small garden design ideas and small front garden design ideas out there, you need to plan ahead carefully.

The thing is:

When you’re working with limited space, you quite literally have no room to make any mistakes. You also have to keep in mind that oftentimes less is more when it comes to small garden landscaping.

The good news is:

You can easily mix and match several of the exciting garden ideas for small garden on our list to completely transform your outside space, increase your kerb appeal and boost the value of your property all at once.

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